The Almond Tree Christian Academy (ATCA) is a Christian based academic K-12 educational institution founded under the umbrella of Almond Tree Ministries Inc. It is located alongside the scenic Key First Nation in Saskatchewan.

Revs. Allan & Carole O’Soup observed a great need for a Christian based education for First Nation and non-aboriginal children alike. Thus ATCA was founded to serve this purpose. The intent and desire is to see the students go on and be full and productive members of society.

ATCA provides provincially recognized educational schooling using the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. This curriculum, based upon Christian values and principles, is used worldwide. The program has yielded positive results and ensures that the students are meeting Saskatchewan Board of Education requirements. Several of the high school graduates have gone on to complete bible school courses, trade school and one is presently pursuing a Bachelor in Commerce Degree at the University of Saskatchewan.

Almond Tree Ministries has begun the ground work to build a new school, as presently the school is located in the basement of the church. ATCA receives limited government funding per student and primarily rely on private donations to meet payroll and bills each month. Would you prayerfully consider a monthly partnership with Almond Tree Ministries or a one-time donation to help with the new school construction project, as well as help to maintain the programs and needs of the students of Almond Tree Christian Academy?


Students are required to have ATCA school admission applications filled out by their respective parents/guardians. (Contact ATCA at 306-594-2169 or email for admission applications)

The ATCA Mission is to provide the students with a quality of education that respects the word of God.

The ATCA Vision is to:

  • Utilize the principles of Christianity and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to provide a multi-faceted quality curriculum that shall build and empower each child to grow in their fullest mental, spiritual, and emotional potential.
  • Provide an avenue by which each child shall receive an education that enables the holistic development of the child’s personal strengths and identity within their community and the larger community.
  • Provide successful educational enhancement in the overall development of each student, which shall enable each student to each be instruments of God in their own lives and in their own ways.
  • Provide a quality education that is based upon the belief and faith that through God, restoration, healing and wellness can take place in the lives of broken hearted individuals, dysfunctional families, and oppressed communities.