“We love you and thank God for your giving! We are encouraged by all that we receive. We pray you will be a powerful witness to God’s truth which we humbly and diligently carry wherever God calls us to go and whatever He asks us to do.”

— Allan & Carole O’Soup

Four Ways to Donate

  1. To donate through PayPal, start by clicking the blue “Donate” button below.
  2. Enter the amount you’d like to donate.
  3. Select the area you’d like to support from the list (if there is no specific area you’d like to donate to, please select “General Fund”).
  4. If you’d like to make an automatically-recurring monthly donation, check the “Make this a monthly donation” box.
  5. To donate through your PayPal account, click the “Donate with PayPal” button. To donate with your credit card through PayPal’s secure system, click the “Donate with Card” button. From there, follow the prompts provided by PayPal.


  1. To donate through CanadaHelps, start by clicking the blue “Donate” button below.
  2. For a one-time donation, leave the “Donate Now” button selected. For an automatically recurring monthly donation, select the “Donate Monthly” button.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to donate.
  4. In the “Message for Almond Tree Ministries” box enter the area you’d like to support from the below list (if there is no specific area you’d like to donate to, please enter “General Fund”):
    • General Fund
    • New School Building (K-12)
    • Almond Tree Christian Academy ATCA
    • Almond Tree Ministries Bible Institute ATMBI
    • Bible Institute Student Sponsorship Program
    • Almond Tree Ministries Christmas Outreach
    • Prison Ministry
  5. Provide your contact information in the appropriate boxes so that we can provide you a tax receipt.
  6. Enter your payment information in the appropriate boxes.
    • If you’d like to dedicate your donation, select the “In memory of” or the “In honour of” button as appropriate; otherwise, leave the “No dedication” button selected.
    • If you’d like to support CanadaHelps with a one-time donation, add the appropriate information in the Support CanadaHelps section.
  7. Click the blue “Complete Donation Now” button.


Please send donations by eTransfer to admin@almondtreeministries.com and fill out the below form:

    Please mail your donations to:

    Almond Tree Ministries Inc.
    PO Box 626
    Canora, Saskatchewan
    S0A 0L0

    Make checks or money orders payable to Almond Tree Ministries Inc.

     Your Gift Makes a Difference!

    Thank you for your interest in supporting Almond Tree Ministries! Your gift enables Almond Tree Ministries to share the Gospel on First Nation Reserves, in prisons, and in churches and communities locally, nationally and worldwide. Lives are changed, families are reunited and God is glorified! This is an investment with the HIGHEST return!

    Almond Tree Ministries Inc. is a non- profit organization. Our registered charity number is 872201496RR0001 which allows gifts to which may be deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

    Our policy is to apply all gifts given toward a specific project to that project. Occasionally, we receive more contributions than can be wisely applied to a specific project. When that happens, we use the excess funds to meet other pressing needs that will help advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.