Who will go for us? (My Utmost for His Highness)

God did not direct His call to Isaiah - Isaiah overheard God saying, "... who will go for Us?"

The call of God is not just for a select few but for everyone. Whether I hear God’s call or not depends on the condition of my ears, and exactly what I hear depends upon my spiritual attitude.
  • Chuck Armstrong (Volunteer from Saskatchewan)
    In the early spring of 2013, when I first heard about Allan and Carole O'Soup's ministry, I did not know how I could personally help to meet this need. My help has been in the form of coming alongside Allan as a friend and encourager. My time has been limited and my skills even more limited but what I have had, I have offered. I have felt rewarded because of my involvement. I am very pleased that I am able to play a small role in the development stage of this ministry. Lives are being touched and changed forever (including my life) through this ministry to the glory of God!
  • Don & Joy Nash (Volunteers from New Brunswick)
    Almond Tree Ministries is a hands on ministry. Over the past nine years we have travelled with Allan and Carol O’Soup and shared what God has done for us. We have told prisoners, First Nation families and communities nationwide of the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We see Jesus changing lives just as he has changed our lives. Men and women are being delivered from lives of drugs, alcohol and violence to become respected members of their communities, reliable employees and family supporters.
  • Brent Bishop (Volunteer from New Brunswick)
    Wow! What a wonderful spirit filled time I’ve had ministering, over the years, with Allan and Carole! Servants do see miracles, and while volunteering with Jesus and the O'Soups, this is exactly what has happened. As the power of God has moved through prison and community services people have been healed and lives have been changed. Many have come to salvation, and many prayers have been prayed as tears run down the cheeks of those being prayed for. If you would like to feel and see the move of God go with Allan and Carol. They are God's people. They love the Lord and are under His anointing.
  • David Johnson (Volunteer from Saskatchewan)
    I enjoyed working side by side with the Native people involved with Almond Tree Ministries. I volunteered my time using my back hoe, and raising funds for a new roof for Bible Institute dormitory through my local church. Allan and Carole have a terrific heart for God’s work and are so faithful to the people they work with. Attending their Sunday service, I was greatly encouraged to see the kids in church and to hear testimonies of dramatic life change.

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In-Prison Ministry

Help us take the love and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ behind prison walls. Your caring and commitment can help transform a life.

Learn more about prison ministry volunteering.

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Join our team for evangelistic prison outreach.

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Almond Tree Ministries Bible Institute, Christian Academy and Church

Our desire is to equip men and women to live for God and serve Him wherever He has called them.

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Complete a student practicum with ATMBI.

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Christmas Outreach

Helping children and families on the Key First Nation Reserve at Christmas time has been our heart cry. God’s provisions have been a great blessing to many families as we reach out with the love of Jesus.

Help provide treat bags and gifts for the children.

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Help provide turkeys and food boxes for families.

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In Communities

Almond Tree Ministries team often travels and brings hope and encouragement to communities working through partner organizations. For those struggling to return to communities and become productive citizens we can recommend partner support.

Help build strong and healthy communities.

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