Photo Gallery

Presenter – Ron Hamilton (centre) from Edmonton AB

2018 ATMBI Presenter-Ken Stoddard

2018 Graduate Dallas Papaquash & Dr. Jerry Savelle

2018 Graduate Denise Brass with Joseph McCrowsky & Dr. Jerry Savelle

2018 Graduates with Guest Speaker Dr. Jerry Savelle

ATMBI 2018 Graduation

Allan & Carole with Dr. Jerry Savelle 2018

Christmas banquet & concert

Students at Wolf Creek Circle Square Ranch

Students at Wolf Creek Circle Square Ranch 2017

School trip!

Students school year end celebration!

Students year end school trip

Grad awards & banquet 2017

ATCA Grad Awards 2017

Purpose of Garden: help improve school nutritionist program

“Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge” – 2017- The Key is in the garden!

All won medals at ACE event

9 students attended ACE Convention 2017

Students tubing at Assissippi Park 2018

ATCA Spring 2018

Chickens Arrived – Students “Hands On” learning 2018

Fall Outing 2018

Students Fall Outing 2018

ATCA Communion 2018

ATCA Chapel 2018

Breaking Ground for New School 2018

Breaking Ground for New School 2018

Breaking Ground for New School 2018

ATCA Awards Banquet 2018

ATCA Awards Banquet 2018


Yuma, AZ – O’Soups visiting David & Coleen Johnson

Pastor Allan ministering at Aman House 2018

Pastor Allan with his sons 2018

2018 AFCM Conference in Banff

Isaiah & Catherine Charles teaching at ATMBI 2017

Sweetheart Banquet 2017

Sweetheart Banquet 2017

Sweetheart Banquet guest speakers Frank & Vivian Keshane 2017

Sweetheart Banquet 2017

Tasha O’Soup 2017

Jeremy Brass 2017

Tyrelle Cote 2017

Toni Bryant 2017

Tasha O’Soup 2017

Denise Brass at Tommy Stronquill’s Church 2017

Ron Hamilton teaching bible school students 2017

The Hamilton’s 44th Wedding Anniversary 2017

Pastor Gary Bitely 2017

Gary & Zeny Bitely with Allan & Carole 2017

Pastor Gary & Zeny Bitely – Bible Institute Presenters 2017

St. Mary’s Christian Outreach 2017

Isaiah & Catherine Charles 2017

Joy Nash, Carole & Allan 2017

Preparing for drive to Halifax 2017

Allan & Carole with John Huizing 2016

John Huizing preaching at Almond Tree Church 2016

John Huizing Teaching at ATMBI 2016

Allan & Carole with Hazen & Corinne Calabrese in Fredericton, NB 2016

Corey O’Soup-Saskatchewan First Nation Child Advocate

Allan & Carole with Chief Candace Paul of St. Mary’s First Nation 2016

ATCA 2016

John & Eileen Fethkenher Teaching at ATMBI 2016

O’Soups with Fethkenhens 2016

Christmas Outreach 2016 – sleigh & vehicles ready

Christmas Outreach 2016 – sleigh ride deliveries

Christmas Outreach 2016 – volunteers

Christmas Outreach 2016 – delivery of hampers & gifts

Christmas Outreach 2016 – preparing hampers

Christmas Outreach 2016 – gift wrapping

Christmas Banquet & Concert

ATM Campmeeting 2016

ATM Campmeeting 2016

Ministering in Walpole Island First Nation, ON 2016

Twin Lakes Ranch 2016

Twin Lakes Ranch-Pastor Allan Ministering 2016

Twin Lakes Ranch 2016

Twin Lakes Ranch 2016

Sk. Assoc. of Independent Church Schools Meeting 2016

Pastor Allan-baby dedication 2016

ATCA vs Norquay RCMP floor hockey 2016

ATCA vs Norquay RCMP Floor Hockey 2016

First ATCA Grads 2016

Year end ATCA trip – going to Kenosee Waterslides 2016

Graduation 2016

Graduation 2016

ATMBI Graduation 2016

Pastor Dale Begley of World Outreach Ministries 2016


ATCA students attend “Bullying Prevention” sessions

Pastor Allan Ministering at Aman House in Regina, SK 2016

ATCA Concert

ATCA Concert – worship Dance

ATCA Concert 2015

Christmas Delivery 2015!

Christmas Treat Bags for the children in 2015!

2015 gifts ready to go!

Christmas Outreach Preparations 2015 – Gift Wrapping

Pastor Dale Begley of Atoka, Oklahoma, ministering at ATMBI

Jeri Barricks of Buffalo, NY Ministering at ATM

Birthday Banquet guests 2015

Chief Cote at Pastor Carole’s Birthday Celebration

Celebration of Pastor Carole’s Birthday 2015

Pastors Allan & Carole do monthly Chapel Services in Saskatchewan Penitentiary, shown in background

Faithlife Church in Cap Pele, NB with Pastors Brian & Teena Bourque 2015

Loving Jesus in Song at Victory Church, Moncton, NB 2015

Pastor Carole Ministered at Ladies Thursday Group at Smythe Street Cathedral in Fredericton, NB 2015

O’Soups Ministering at Voice of Hope in Blackville, NB with Pastor Albertine Leblanc

Ministering at St. Mary’s First Nation Christian Outreach, Fredericton, NB 2015

At Naomi & Ruth Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre, Grand Falls, NB 2015

Brent & Sheila Bishop with Prison Fellowship Canada

Pastors Allan & Carole with Randy Pirie and his wife at Harvest House Atlantic, NB 2015

ATM Youth Preparing for Water Baptism 2015

Pastors Allan & Carole at Harvest House in Moncton, NB with Cal & Rose Maskery 2015

Pastor Allan & Brother Richard at Reserve Entrance

Pastor Brian Bourque, from Cap Pele, NB, guest speaker and presenter at ATM 2015

Pastor Albertine Leblanc of Voice of Hope Ministries, Blackville, NB was presenter at ATMBI and guest speaker at ATM Church

New ATMBI Dormitory Completed

Pastors Allan & Carole with 2015 Graduation Guest Speaker Russ Moyer & his wife Mave

ATMBI 2015 Graduation Banquet

ATCA students enjoying new playground equipment

New Playground Equipment 2015

Children rejoicing / new van 2015

Van donated to ATCA

On left, ATMBI Director Catherine Welland with Graduates Tanya & Floyd Keshane

Pastor Chris & Dr. Cindy Christoval-Sweetheart Banquet Guest Speakers 2015

Sweetheart Banquet at ATM Church 2015

Newly elected Chief & Council receiving prayer and anointing of oil by Pastor Allan at their swearing-in ceremony Jan. 20, 2015

Pastor Allan with newly elected Chief, Chief David Cote (Daryl), and Council for the Key First Nation Jan. 20, 2015

Prayer by Pastor Allen for newly elected Chief & Council at swearing-in ceremony Jan. 20, 2015

Pastors Allan & Carole & volunteers delivering Christmas hampers by horse & sleigh

Staff travelling came upon beautiful sight

Pastor Allan at Christmas Gathering

Volunteer Putting Christmas Hampers in Order

Organizing Christmas Outreach Hampers

Preparing Christmas Hampers for Families

Christmas Concert 2014

Preparing children’s Christmas treat bags

Thanking the Lord for Christmas Dinner

Dave Nelson, Pastors Allan & Carole, Corinne Calabrese at ATMBI

ATCA Chapel

Corinne Calabrese speaking at ATMBI

Rev. Sandra Reid, Chaplain at Regina Correctional Institution, with ATMBI students

Dr. Pierce, Director of Faith Alive Bible School in Saskatoon, teaching at ATMBI

Don & Joy Nash, New Brunswick Chaplains, Teaching at ATMBI

Rocky Sands, Terry Brim & Pastor Allan; Awakening of the Nations Conference, 2014

Hans & Claire Mundt with Pastor Allan

New Mattresses for ATMBI Dorm

Pastors Allan & Carole, Branson, MO 2014

AFCM Conference, Las Vegas 2014

Pastor Carole with Hans & Claire Mundt

Pastors Allan & Carole and John & Lynn (Kellogg) Simpers

Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks

New Desks for ATCA (Sept. 2014)

K-12 Chapel Service (Sept. 2014)

Youth Night

Terry Brim and Pastor Allan (Oct. 2014)

Pastor Allan O’Soup Ministering in Sprague, MB

Dorm siding (Fall 2014)

Jamie Desjarlais Ordination

Dorm plumbing (2014)

Dorm materials –thank you Lord!

ATMBI Dorm –getting closed in for winter (2013)

ATMBI work team from Oral Roberts University located in Tulsa, OK (2014)

Pastor Carole inspecting ATMBI Dorm (2014)

Volunteer workers from Church of God in Estavan, SK. (2014)

Playground Volunteer Construction Team (2014)

ATCA (2014)

New Playground Equipment (2014)

Student Awards Night (2014)

Winter at ATM

Baptism at ATMC

Church wedding – Floyd & Tania Keshane

Jamie Desjarlais Ministering (2014)

Worship Team (2014)

Pastor Allan & Mark Colley of Dartmouth, NS (2014)

Brent Bishop’s ordination at Smythe Street Cathedral, Fredericton, NB (2014)

Tent Meeting, Kehewin Reserve, AB (2014)

Pastors Allan & Carole and Gary and Zeny Bitely, Fredericton, NB (2014)

Pastors Allan & Carole with St. Mary’s Christian Outreach Group, Fredericton, NB (2014)

Pastor Allan with Nancy & Gary Hooper at New Covenant Church, Dartmouth, NS (2014)

Tent Revival Meeting (2014)

Pastors Fred & Alvina Thunderchild with Allan & Carole. Indoor Camp Meeting Turtleford, SK. (2014)

Summer 2014 Tent Revival Meetings

Almond Tree Ministries Dorm interior under construction

Head Carpenter Les Sinclair (left) with Dylan of ORU and Chief the dog inside the ATMBI Dorm

Catherine Welland preaching at Almond Tree Church in spring, 2014

Almond Tree Ministries founders Allan and Carole O’Soup

Almond Tree Ministries Guest House

Students leaving for the day from Almond Tree Christian Academy

Almond Tree Church Sanctuary

Almond Tree Church

Almond Tree Ministries Bible Institute Dorm under construction